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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hi ho Hi ho off to Ghana I go

It has been a crazy few weeks. Four the last three weeks we have had three interviews with the US Embassy.  Each time we have needed something more. Not the embassy fault just more papers and interviews. As each interview came I waited for the call that would say your Visa is approved please come, but each week no. Until last Thursday when I got the call book your tickets and come. I have to say as I heard these words they almost didn't seem real. I thought surly you most not really be saying these words.  But it was true, so now here I am 1030 on Sunday night my older two children dropped off at camp, my youngest being dropped off in the morning. It has been so crazy the last couple of days it had not really hit me until about 2 hours ago. As I sat in the back of my friends car as they were taking me to get a rental car I had one moment of "oh this is really happening  tomorrow". So tomorrow I board a plane for Ghana to meet and bring home our son.  It crazy I have three huge bags I have checked the weight twice to make sure they are not to heavy. Only one has clothes for me and Solomon one is full of sports stuff (soccer balls, footballs jumps, ropes) and one bag is full of boys clothes for the orphanage.  I am only allowed two so I pray that the flight personal will not change me. I will stay for a week if all goes well. I feel like a new mom who has read all the labor books than when the first real labor pain hits it's like a deer in head lights.  I am not sure what my biggest fear is? will he not like me? will I be a good mom for him ? I know the answers but as I sit hear tonight I pray . So off I go to Ghana I will get to watch the next world cup game Ghana is playing . As my children and I watched the game on Saturday we looked at each other and said next week you can watch the game in Ghana with our brother.  I sign off for now I hope to write while I am in Ghana...... what does one wear to meet your child for the first time? every other time I have been in a hospital gown.


The Last Crusade said...

Hope everything goes smooth in Ghana! Can't wait to see the pictures of your new family once you are all together!

berrytribe said...

OMGOODNESS!! What you have been waiting for-and it's HERE!!!! Praying for you while you are gone. Excited for your first meeting with Solomon. KNowing that God's heart is pleased with your perseverance and patience. God Speed Friend!! Blessings to you and that sweet little boy. GO GET HIM!! :)