Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take.............. but by the number of moments that take our breath away

Monday, March 29, 2010


We have been taking a long time about Solomon to our children.  Brayden  who is 6 knows he will no longer be the youngest and I have been trying to prepare him for the changes the best I can. I ask him questions like will you teach Solomon how to play the Wii, or ride a bike? Sometimes he thinks it will be ok other times not sure.  Brayden wants everyone to know that he is older and he is the big brother (even if it is only by 4 months). I talk with him about how he will have to share his room and his clothes. We bought bunk beds and put them up this weekend Brayden of course wanted the top bunk because he is older.  He think sharing his toys will be ok but not his most special ones, which at times is every toy. I told Brayden that he and Solomon where just about the same height only a ½ inch difference.  Brayden asked be if I thought people will get them mixed up or confused?  I just laughed and said I was sure people would be able to tell them apart.  Brayden also asked if Solomon will have dark skin everywhere? In January Brayden learned about Martin Luther King Jr and he was telling me all about him. He said he was a good man who was shot. He said that only people with white skin could eat some places and drink out of water fountains. So I asked would your brother Solomon be able to go there he said no.. I said would we have been able to? He said No Mom we have peach skin not white weren’t you listening.  I think I am in for some fun times with these two boys.

Monday, March 15, 2010

A new week

What a difference a week can make. What we know this week is we have our son's passport. The new court papers have been done. Now we wait, we wait for our contact in Ghana to travel back to the states with our papers. We thought this would be last week but not so. We are hoping this week for travel than maybe next we will get our papers. Than we will send them to Texas. I feel like I am in some kind of race against the clock. All of my time frames have been thrown out the window. My husband's deployment has been moved up so as much as I wanted this to happen before he leaves it may not. I am now just sitting with it he may not meet our son before he leaves. This is not what I want but it is out of my hands. So the pity party is over we will settle in and make the best of it. This young child is having his life changed. I think about how it will be for him to come here away from all he has known. My son Brayden is six and I think how he would feel. I have been told by many that in Africa families and bonds are different. I am trying to understand this the best I can so I can help our new son when he arrives. Since we are adopting and not having a child I am not sure if as a mother I should have that nesting feeling. I find myself put more and more things in Solomon's back pack we bought. I wiped the dust off and add little things every couple of weeks. Last week I bought him Batman underwear. Our other son Brayden needed some and said mom I am not sharing my underwear with Solomon buy him some too. It is funny how little things make it seem like some day yes it will happen. With some new energy our glass is half full.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Now I am ready

After a few days of feeling overwhelmed and it's not fair I have put on my Armor and I am ready to fight to the end. I can only say that I feel like it is a fight. I know that God clearly wants us to adopt. I know that anything that brings glory to God the devil will attack and that is what it feels like. So I have fasted and had some long prayer time. God clearly says put on your armor and fight. It is so hard not to be in control and the more I try to hold it tight in my hand the more resistance I get. So I have my palm open and will continue to trust in God. I have called in reinforcements to be my prayer warriors. They have there armor on and we will be victorious. This is my pick me up post to all that are not Christ followers this may sound strange but for those who know what I am talking about, please put on your armor and pray for us.