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Monday, March 23, 2009

Our Shirts

Here are the fundraiser shirts. We have 50 to start and see how they do we are selling them for $15. We only got a few sizes Adult XL Adult M and Youth M. I hope that you will find one that fits. I will be selling them at a rummage sale on the 4th in Lemoore and than I will being them to San Diego for Easter. I think they will be for sale at the Yogurt Mill in La Mesa. On the adoption front our home study is just about done all we have to do is make a few changes on the wording and it is done. We have mailed our Dossier into our agency so they can have it sent to Ghana. Now we will wait for Ghana to send us a referral on a child. Now that our home study is done I can start applying for Grants. It is up to me to get the money. I said to my friend I have sent in all the paper work I now will just trust in the Lord that we will get the money. I will update you after the sale or if there are any changes or developments. Thank you for your prayers and support.