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Monday, September 14, 2009


Two weeks ago I received a call that we have been waiting for it has taken 10 months ….Kristy we have a referral for your family . We had gotten this call before but it just was not the child for us. This time so many different things seem to fall into place. Once we received information on Solomon I ask a small group of prayer warriors to pray over our family. On last Friday we received the called we had been waiting for his medical clearance. It was clear as we had thought It would be. At that time we were able to officially accept his referral. Here is what I can share about our son Solomon. He is 5 his birthday is in June so he is just a little younger than Brayden. I was not sure how I would handle two five year old boys in the same house but the more we prayed the more it made sense. Solomon has been living at the orphanage for 3 years he loves soccer and speaks Asante Twi and English. I don’t know how much longer our journey will be as now it is in the hands of the Ghana government. We are approaching a year that we have been working on this and I feel like I may see the top of the mountain maybe. I think it is interesting that Solomon means peace I pray that our family will give this child a sense of peace. As we wait everyday for more news I continue to fill our grant requests and work on fundraisers. Please continue to keep us in your prayers and add Solomon to them.