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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Updates and Dreams

It has been awhile since my last post. So where are we? We are almost done with the home study. We have to wait until we move to set our interviews with a social worker. They may come a decide I am too crazy. One of my friends got our donation letter and wants me to put a thermometer on the side to show how we are doing on our funds. I not sure I am computer savvy enough to do that but I might try. I have had some wonderful dreams the last few nights about our new child. It's like God is saying to me be patient but here is what I have in store for you. Brayden asks all the time about his new brother, when will he be here? can we buy him some toys. Brayden recently made a new person on our Wii and he said it is his brother. The child has dark skin and big hair. I ask why he has such big hair he said that what he thinks he will look like I said we could cut his hair short like his. I tell Breayden when we talk about the child that God has him picked out and we just have to wait a little longer. Brayden asks if he will get gifts from Santa, or if he likes going to the park. Brayden has chosen the spot where his new brother will sit a the table it is the little things that are important to him. We keep praying that God will move on our behalf and we will be united soon.