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Saturday, February 27, 2010

What to write

People it seems ask all the time what's going on how much longer? I give a nice smile and say I am not sure it is in God's hands. What I really want to say or scream is I DON'T KNOW..... I think for every step we take forward we take two back. I look know and think would I choose the same journey if I had known than what I know now? Last week we got news that Solomon's passport had been received. Two days later I was told no not yours another family's. We finally got all of our court papers so I can file our I-600 talk with our local rep here from the INS office she said it will only take her three days to approve and send it on. Yeah .....wait our paper work is wrong.. Really is what I want to say come on already just one break. I never thought when we started this in November of 08 that I would be sitting here still . I daily try to remind myself HE is in control but it is hard. My husband is in the Navy and now is starting work ups for his deployment. I want so badly for our son to meet his dad and before he leaves but that may not happen. Last summer I thought we would have Solomon home in the fall no than Christmas than Easter. I think if I was pregnant at least I would know when the end was in sight. I joked the other day and said if God wanted to make me wait Two years for a child he would have made me an elephant. Yes I do know who's hands we are in but it does not make it any easier. Now you know why I have not blogged I have nothing great or inspiring to say. I feel better and I am sure many of you can relate.