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Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm Alive

It has been a few months and our lives have been go go go. Solomon came home with me on July 5th.  My trip to Ghana was eye opening to say the least. It was confirmed why  I never  joined the peace core. I will blog about my trip in the next few weeks. We arrived home and two weeks later we went on vacation to Utah and Colorado. I probably would not have gone so quickly upon  but is was pre-scheduled and we had no idea when I would go to Ghana. Solomon is a funny child. The first time I met him he smiled and gave an infectious laugh. It is amazing to me to have the opportunity to see so many things for the first time through his eyes. Adoption an older child has the advantage that they can express the excitement and will always remember many of these first.  In the first week with my he felt hot running water, flushed a toilet, rode an elevator, ate pizza and  was taken shopping to pick a present just for him.  We have had some struggles, and are working on bonding as a family. Solomon started school he is in the kindergarten, his teachers love him. He is on a soccer team and his coach loves Solomon. It was funny when I walked up to his first practice with my two sons, the coach did a double take. It is not all joy and happiness all the time, but  I am thankful daily for the blessing this child has brought into my life.

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Proverbs31Wife said...

Hey Kristy! Great to read your post. I have wanted to call you all wknd and never got the chance. I started a yahoo group for adoption behavior issues. You can read a little about our issues... the ones no one talks about. But we want to be open and I know many are experiencing them too... Let's talk soon!